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Founded in 2016, ChuckFest is a three-day charity music festival event commemorating the life and legacy of Chuck Schuldiner known as the Godfather of death metal, influencing some very big names in the metal world and still continuing to have a profound effect to this day.

Bands are asked to cover one DEATH or CONTROL DENIED song in Chuck's memory and in support of our chosen charity.


All proceeds will go towards the charity Sweet Relief, who provides financial assistance to all types of career musicians who are struggling to make ends meet while facing illness, disability, or age-related problems -  

Although ChuckFest celebrates an icon within the Death Metal genre, we are very open to new upcoming bands within the following genres: Death Metal, Power Metal, Symphonic Metal, Black Metal, Stoner/Sludge/Doom Metal, Metalcore, Folk/Viking Metal, Punk, Hard Rock, Gothic Metal, Groove Metal to name a few.

This is a FREE ENTRY event held every year in Camden, London to donate to charity, remember an icon and have a great time!

The ChuckFest Team



Founder and booking agent and stage manager for ChuckFest. Guitarist for Angel Nation & Secreum. Guitar Tech for Drowning Pool.


ChuckFest booking agent and administrator, social media and creative representive. Vocalist for Winter's Edge and session (guest) vocalist.

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